Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling Towers, evaporative condensers and fluid coolers are specialized heat exchangers in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water’s temperature. When maintaining clean and healthy conditions, they optimally recycle and reuse water, minimizing the consumption of this valuable and expensive resource.

cooling tower - the breeding ground for legionnaires diseasePurity Labs, Inc. Cooling Tower Water Treatment Programs:

Purity Labs, Inc. Water treatment programs maximize efficiency of heat exchange and increase the systems longevity. Purity’s water management programs help prevent a multitude of issues that occur within condensing water systems, the most prevalent issues being corrosion, scale deposits, and biological growth. Our experienced technicians will draw up economic solutions for cooling systems of all sizes and conditions using products including automated controller/monitoring systems, and specialty treatment blends. Our treatments include corrosion/scale inhibitors and oxidizing/non-oxidizing EPA registered biocides.

Systems will be monitored 24/7 with an automated controller and inspected monthly (or as often as needed) by a qualified technician. A detailed digital service report will be submitted stating all testing results and conditions of the system(s).

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