Closed Loop Water Treatment

Closed loop recirculating systems are often overlooked. Some issues are catastrophic in nature while others can be repaired and salvaged. Rust corrosion, water loss, scaled up heat exchangers reducing efficiency, and heavy scale deposition are among the most common side effects of mistreated closed loop systems. Preventative maintenance is the key to a systems longevity.

Our customized treatment blends will passivate piping surfaces reducing oxidation of the metals, prevent scale deposition on pipes and heat exchangers and control dirt and debris within the system.

Leaks can be caught and repaired by routine maintenance checks of onsite personnel. A system experiencing water loss will be losing treatment and introducing new water, rich in oxygen. Oxygen is the leading ingredient in oxidation corrosion, therefore oxygen scavenging inhibitors are necessary. A leaking heat exchanger can directly affect human contact, making it imperative to maintain healthy system conditions.

Purity labs, inc. develops site specific water management programs to protect systems and prevent further damage and fouling.

cooling tower piping on roofCommon Issues within Closed Loop Recirculating Systems

• Sulfate-reducing bacteria can infest a closed loop system consuming inhibitor and pit the metals, fouling up system water.
• Under-deposit corrosion and pitting can lead to system leaks causing water loss.
• Improper coil flushing without thorough flush of glycol can lead to fouled up system water upon refill and circulation
• Lack of complete air bleeding can lead to introduction of more fresh water, further consuming inhibitors within water and potentially causing corrosion.