Cooling Tower Cleaning Solutions

cooling tower

Purity Labs can recommend, install and maintain Cooling Tower Cleaning Solutions including.

  • CL-1960: An alkaline based cleaner for degreasing newly constructed circulating systems.  This product works well under a broad temperature differential.  Not Recommended for Steam Boilers.
  • CWT-CLEANER A: A Tri-Sodium-Phosphate cleaner, ideal for use as a boil out agent when combined with our BWT-S5X.
  • CWT – OZP: A percarbonate based cleaner that is highly aggressive at removing organics from open recirculating loops.  We strongly recommend this cleaner for use in cooling towers that are biologically contaminated or that have heavy dirt loading.
  • CH – 2000:  An EDTA based cleaner is exceptional at scale removal and associated adherent material in water-treated heat transfer systems, such as condenser water loops and steam boilers.
  • MURIATIC ACID Inhibited with Rodine: This inhibitor is ideal for descaling heavily scaled heat exchange surfaces.  It is also ideal for cleaning iron oxides off of internal surfaces.
  • CWT – DC:  A polymer based dispersing cleaning agent that can be used to clean closed and open loops.  This cleaning agent works well in tandem with our other cleaning agents, and is usually recommended for newly constructed systems or as a follow cleaner to an aggressive detergent.

Dependable and modern water technology is vital in meeting the increasingly stringent and detailed requirements of today’s corporate and governmental mandates.

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