Monitoring and Feed Equipment

Maintaining proper cooling tower water values is crucial for your facility operations.  Everything from consistent treatment levels to proper biocide applications, is dependent on the controller and associated feed pumps being precise and dependable.  Additionally, it is imperative that the controller is set to establish the proper cycles of concentration in order to assist in the reduction of dirt and solid loading.  Dependable and modern water technology is vital in meeting the increasingly stringent and detailed requirements of today’s corporate and governmental mandates.

Purity Labs can recommend, install and maintain Cooling Tower Monitoring and Feed Equipment including.

  • cooling tower - the breeding ground for legionnaires diseaseBoiler Monitoring Controllers
  • Condensate Monitoring Controllers
  • Cooling Tower Monitoring Controllers
  • Closed Circuit Loop Monitoring
  • Online Remote Monitoring and Controls Actuation
  • Treatment Monitoring Systems
  • Complete Bleed Packages
  • Contact-Pulse Water Meters for Influent and Effluent Monitoring
  • Complete Spec Automated Feed Tanks
  • Varying Output and Pressure Rated Metering Pumps
  • Solid and Bromine Feed Systems
  • Double Wall Containment Tanks

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